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Pre-Licensing Course

(5 Hour Course)

5 Hour Pre Licensing Class

This mandatory five hour pre licensing class is required by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for any individual seeking to take a New York State Road Test. The course covers the state required curriculum and is taught by certified instructors . We are currently offering the course virtually via Zoom.  Virtual classes are available with both weekend and weekday options for your convenience.

ATTENTION! - This is a virtual class and "ZOOM" must be         downloaded prior to the class

  •  Before registering, please make sure you can meet all the requirements for completing the Zoom 5 hour Pre-Licensing Course.

    1.  If you do not have a Zoom account in YOUR NAME, please create one. The account name MUST match the name on your permit. 

    2. 15 minutes after the class has started, you WILL NOT be able to enter.  No one will be admitted after the start of class.  

    3. Customers not registered for this class will not be allowed to attend

    4. 24 hour notice is required for any cancellations.  Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in loss of payment.  

    5.  When you join the meeting you will be placed in a waiting room.

    6. Your video camera MUST be on at all times.

    7. All attendees will be muted when admitted

    8. You maybe asked to show your permit.  Please be prepared to do so.  You MUST have a picture permit to attend this class. The temporary card issued by DMV  that does not have the picture will not be accepted.

    9. The class will start once all attendees have been admitted to the class on time.


    1. Video must be on at all times and the instructor MUST be able to see you.

    2. If you need to leave for any reason, please raise your hand to inform the instructor.  Please make sure that you return promptly.

    3. Your attendance and full attention for the entire class is required. Cell phone usage during class is prohibited.  If you do not meet these requirements, you will be asked to leave the class or the Instructor may disconnect you from the class disallowing you to return..  No refund will be issued.  

    4. We will have one 15 minute break after approximately 2.5 hours of class. The instructor will announce the time.  

    5. Certificates will be mailed the following business day. Please be aware that delivery times are out of our control.

    6. If you have met the necessary requirements, at the conclusion of the class, the instructor will txt and email you . You may use that number to schedule your road test, however keep in mind that you will be required to present the original certificate at the time of the test.  When scheduling, be sure to allow time for receipt of the certificate.

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