Investigations & Compliance Unit


The IC Unit is the investigative body of 4 Seasons Auto Driving School. The IC determines whether complaints alleging violations of 4 Season's Policies and Procedures, Guidelines and Standards, and Rules and Regulations have been violated by either the Student , Staff or Affiliate. The IC conducts audits, investigations, inspections, and other reviews.

The IC's other responsibilities:

  • To Protect students, staff, and affiliates.

  • Determines whether complaints alleging violations are frivolous, unfounded, or unwarranted.

  • Ensure compliance to all local, municipal, state and federal laws.

  • Employ deductive reasoning and analysis to make informed decisions and conclusions that lead to effective solutions.

  • To maintain and monitor electronic surveillance and GPS equipment within our vehicles and at all our offices locations.

This List of responsibilities are not Exhaustive.

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